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Concerning myself, not Hobbits

Progress on Three Ones

One theory: Real Anaylsis. I bought the textbook ‘ Introductory Real Analysis’, by Kolmogorov. I  also find a course website maintained by instructors of the real analysis course, in Colorado, APPM 5450 and APPM  5440. Nowadays, university professors post the syllabus,  homework and solutions as well as part of the notes  on course websites, … Continue reading

Semi Logical Observations

The natural world functions well without information?

The nature,  itself, may work very well without any information storage and transmission. Sounds silly, huh? However, what I am gonna say is that the information is only essential to living things,  or artificial dynamic systems.  Without emitting a particular odor, those insects may not be able to find their mate, let alone their reproduction. … Continue reading