Semi Logical Observations

language: commands and communication.

Language seems to be much more powerful than expected.  The interesting point is that it is not only used to store ideas or communicate messages. It is also used for commands.

Turing machine is a good example. Every time it reads a symbol, do what it is supposed to do, then switch back to read next symbol. In nature, both the machine execution and communication are using the same sort of 0-1 bits, which is also the foundation for our modern digital world.

Here,  such information is used as a command. As Goebel(the Nazi guy) said: Wenn man eine Lüge erzählt und sie oft genug wiederholt, dann werden die Leute sie am Ende glauben.which  means that If you tell a lie and repeated it often enough, then people will believe it at the end. Think it further, if you repeat you commands too often, or speak it aloud, will the person obey you at last?

Generally it cannot happen. However, under the condition that people get hypnosis ( can I put it this way). The language, which is originally the communication code, with energy defined in the signal space now come into reality.

Is that also an interpretation of the signal energy defined on the actual effects of the command, which is a measure of the importance of the signal? Or we can use such measure to design better communication system, which can discern and judge the significance of different packages, and get them transmitted based on the  priority level.

For a AWGN channel, when the input energy is increased, you will get a higher SNR, and thus have your transmission rate boosted. But for human beings, as a receiver, such an increase measure ( repeated in more times, raised pitch ) in a command, might have side effects.

That also raises a question. Since the command corresponds to a motion, or behavior. There should be motions or behaviors that is not related to the elements of the command set. So how can that motion happen? Is that possible to enhance the performance of that motion with the help of new commands?

Perhaps you can try to praise someone when he is trying to fix your PC. So let such command boost him up 🙂


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