Semi Logical Observations

The natural world functions well without information?

The nature,  itself, may work very well without any information storage and transmission.

Sounds silly, huh? However, what I am gonna say is that the information is only essential to living things,  or artificial dynamic systems.  Without emitting a particular odor, those insects may not be able to find their mate, let alone their reproduction.  Without screaming, flocks cannot be warned of the approaching hunters and carnivores. What is most amazing is that the DNA of almost every biological species.  For human society, it will collapse and step into chaos without any information delivery.

For lifeless natural world, do they need information? Or information transmission is merely a physical or chemical reaction with a different name?

Why the information is unnecessary to the lifeless natural world, while living creatures need it so badly?

Perhaps because the living creatures need to keep something together. Not like the stones, left to overheated or very cold weather. To deal with it, the increase of entropy should be kept at bay. The resources or essential parts should go somewhere, and what is foremost, they have to know where to go! Here comes the information.

Something as specific as to represent a direction can function as the information. That’s why  a binary series can do the job.

So is it really true that non-living things need not information,say, the direction? Does the sun whisper to somewhere in the air of earth? Or earthquake waves shake a hello to the top soil of the crust? Or the whole earth system has his own direction and those physical phenomenon serves as information?

Or perhaps, the causality connected events can be interpreted as information bits, or information only exists with an observer?


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